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Adekoya’s IT Professional services expertise and innovative insights enables organizations to get to where their customers and other stakeholders will be in the future. We focus particularly on the tools needed for enhancing the customer experience, providing analytics and insights to drive performance, and increasing the effectiveness of clients. We foresee every citizen as a digital citizen. Meeting and exceeding the expectations of that digital citizen will be a key challenge for organizations going forward. Hence, we partner with clients to enhance their IT professional journey.

  • Oracle
  • Microsoft CRM
  • SAP
  • IBM
  • Android
  • IOS
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Fusion Middle-ware
  • Data Extract, Transform and Load Management
  • Cloud Management
  • IT Security Management
  • Master Data Management
  • Application Management
  • Database Management
  • Application Development and Programming
  • Data Mining
  • Business Intelligence
  • Mobile Apps Development

IT Infrastructure System Assessment & Services Improvement – Hardware Inventory Workflow Analysis (Supply Chain), Change Management, & SAP System Implementation and Operational Improvements

Business Challenge: A Fortune 100 Company’s Global Supply Chain Finance had an ~$143M of GRIR (Goods Receipt, & Invoice Receipt) Inventory balances that were 4 years aged due to inadequate transaction processes, unclear roles & responsibilities, redundancy, and lack of standard operating procedures and knowledge by planners. Needed to Implement new CRM systems to enable visibility to inventory transaction with all suppliers. Senior Management was uncertain as to Company’s liability and wanted to minimize its risk exposure.

How Adekoya Helped (Project Delivery & Outcome):

  • Adekoya led a global inventory control group to address issues and perform risk assessments without having direct control.
  • Adekoya provided lean six sigma process improvements by first delivering a Global Hardware Inventory Controls Playbook; defined, consolidated, and documented all policies, core processes and controls in one central location to assist with day-to-day inventory management. Drove process and policy development initiatives that impacted functions globally.
  • Partnered with the solutions delivery team to develop and implement new CRM system and new SAP transaction processes that automatically cleared aged and incorrect inventory transactions. Included “AS-IS” process mapping and development of “To Be” processes.
  1. Stakeholder and end-user’s interviews and requirements gathering.
  2. Completed the BRD template with objectives, project perspectives, requirements, and ancillary information.
  3. Validated information with subject matter experts (SMEs) and stakeholders.
  4. Shared the draft out for review.
  5. Edited BRD based on feedback.
  6. Obtain approval of the BRD from project stakeholders
  7. Approved BRD was then used to create additional development documentation such as technical designs, information architecture, and quality assurance and content planning documentation.
  • Trained all inventory planners on new processes and proper methods for transacting inventories leveraging new CRM system reporting. Provided on-boarding sessions monthly.
  • Established control measurement processes for visibility and continuous improvement, and to correct future deviations.
  • New solution implementation, “to-be” process charts, and FMEA for controls, and guided WW inventory controls stakeholder’s initiatives identifying additional $188M imbalances due to weak processes, then cleaned-up ~$152M in aged material transactions; an 80% efficiency output.
  • Implemented new SAP functionality monitoring systems for continuous improvement and to correct any future deviations
  • Identified opportunity (CTQ – Critical to Quality definition), and unit of measure, boundaries scope, and generated efficiencies output of 93%; due to the clean-up of $133M aged inventory transactions.