Strategy & Operations


Adekoya serves as a catalyst for performance improvement within private and public sectors organizations. Adekoya draws upon proven methods and best practices gleaned from documented national experience to develop tailor-made solutions for each client. We strive to have each engagement make a lasting and sustainable impact. This means working side-by-side with staff at all levels of the organization, building bridges across divisions and incubating new practices.

Strategy & Operation

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  • Service Operations
  • Supply Chain & Manufacturing Operations
  • Infrastructure Operations
  • General Management
  • Retail & Analytics

We understand that there may be many kinds of obstacles to forward progress. In a complex and dynamic environment, with ever-tightening resources, crisis management is all too frequently the norm. In this environment, it can be difficult to articulate a clear future vision and make steady progress. We bring expert assessment and facilitation resources to help organizations agree on a vision that integrates multiple perspectives. Then, we provide management and technical support to monitor progress and keep things on track.

We focus on the intersection of three key elements that must come together for an organization to achieve lasting performance improvements:

  • Critical decision-making responsibilities and methods
  • Data and information systems that support decision making and delivery processes
  • Business processes for procuring and delivering products and services

We currently understand that most of our clients operates in a dynamic environment. Policies, procedures, and business processes can shift due to leadership changes, reorganization, new regulations, and technology upgrades. Such shifts can create a situation in which complete and accurate documentation of current processes does not exist. The organization may become reliant on key veteran employees to navigate the steps required to get things done. Several different variants of a process may be in place, creating inconsistencies, confusion and inevitably, delays.

Adekoya draws on its extensive background and expertise in analyzing and solving organizational problems, leadership development training, executive coaching and driving operational efficiency and change management efforts through improvements in structure, processes, and procedures. Our approach to transitioning organizations from their current state to future state and to ensure readiness focuses on – people, process, and culture and strategy. We leverage our “extensive experience working with mid-level managers and emerging agency leaders with high potential, who are at varying stages of performance. We bring expert assessment and facilitation resources to enable the developmental of individualized work plans involving emotional intelligence, leadership and strategic acumen, behavioral and skill growth, and action-based learning, utilizing a lens of exploration and reflection in order to meet each clients’ individual needs for transformation and leadership development. Emphasis is on individualized leadership skill development and personal growth, helping clients learn to motivate and inspire individual employees and teams, communicate and work successfully across organizational layers and silos, meet executive department leadership vision, goals, and strategies, and develop individual division and department goals to support the mission and vision of the Agency/Client. We then provide the required management and technical support to monitor progress and keep things on track.

We emphasize driving better performance and business results for clients through effective leadership training and change management. We lead efforts to identify best practice and employ applicable leadership development transformation for clients’ operations department; identify and address department inefficiency; provide real time data analysis; and provide direction on improving process workflows activities and execution delivery.

Adekoya employs leadership development theories (detail activities) and change management methodologies in balance with Lean Six Sigma principles to each process (consolidation efforts) to first understand and assess (VOC – voice of customer), and outline what is CTQ (critical to quality) in ensuring a successful measurable and sustainable implementation delivery to clients. We assess current leaders’ expertise and change characteristics in driving a great functioning work force, project impacts and facilitate “as-is/to-be” process mapping. Assess organizational attributes, leadership/sponsorship, and stakeholders. Our recommended improvements are tailored based on our findings from the initial assessment of the organization structure (Leader’s effectiveness) and change readiness.

Adekoya first fully familiarizes itself with and gets a clear understanding of client’s current organizational structure, leadership development training programs and change management plans as they are critical to our forward progress in delivering development efforts that will stick, creation of shared understanding of required improvements for starter. Our resources collaborate with client’s leadership and other stakeholders to perform required change readiness, risk assessments, and develop strategies and techniques to mitigate risk. We also identify any knowledge gaps that may arise due to the new training design and look to develop skills needed, workflow process, organizational structure and dynamics, and outcome measurements. We develop and employ clear communication strategies and training plans, coordinate process management and organizational ability in executing to all client’s requirements.

Our transformation effort involves helping leaders develop self-awareness; identify, cultivate, and capitalize on individual strengths; understand weaknesses; and leverage assessments for opportunities for growth. It culminates in an individual work plan, goals, and vision for success. Adekoya assists leaders in aligning their vision, goals, and work plan, along with their approach to leadership to the strategic work, expectations, and goals of the department, as set by the client’s executive leadership team. Adekoya’s coaches provide individualized coaching to help leaders reflect, measure and report on their effectiveness, work plan milestones, and overall success.