Organizational Development


Adekoya’s organizational development methodologies and approach are well positioned to help clients navigate the challenges they will encounter throughout all phases of organizational change and transformation. Our team members are also known for their exceptional level of responsiveness and ability to develop practical yet innovative solutions to challenging organizational problems.

The Adekoya’s team draws on its extensive background in research, analyzing and driving OCM efforts, leadership coaching, driving operational efficiency and solving organizational problems through improvements in structure, processes, and procedures. Our approach to transitioning organizations from their current state to future state and to ensure readiness focuses on – people, process, and culture and strategy. We emphasize driving better performance and business results for clients through effective change management. We lead efforts to identify best practice and organizational structures; identify and address agency inefficiency; provide real time fiscal data analysis; and provide direction on improving process workflow activities. Our delivery also prepares client’s employees for the change, the acknowledgement of the need for change, and a smooth transition from the current state to a preferred future state. It enables our clients to realize a return on investments.

We employ organizational development theories and change management (Prosci) methodologies in balance with Lean Six Sigma principles for each process to first understand and assess (VOC – voice of customer), and outline what is CTQ (critical to quality) while working with all stakeholders. We familiarize ourselves with client’s teams and stakeholder and identify how its operational needs will need to be adapted to ensure continuous operational efficiencies. We ensure a detail understanding of client’s current organizational change plans as they are critical to our forward progress in delivering change management efforts that will stick. We also identify any knowledge gaps and look to develop required improvements. We employ and ensure clear communication strategies, coordination, process management, organization readiness and staff readiness in executing to all requirements per the SOW. We then develop recommendations that include an implementation roadmap.

Business Challenge: A public agency needed the review of its organizational structure to drive operational improvements and efficiency. . Our team was to evaluate and recommend potential adjustments to better manage the Program’s multi-agency workforce, accomplish current service delivery, and provide long-term efficiencies, effectiveness, and resilience (ability to sustain a healthy organization even when shocks to the system occur) as the Program’s work and priorities evolve over time.

How Adekoya Helped (Project Delivery & Outcome):

Employed six sigma methodologies & ADKAR (Prosci Change Management) in developing an implementation framework strategy:

  • Conducted extensive interviews with a cross-section of Program and implementing partner agency leadership, staff, and customers.
  • Reviewed historical records, including legislation and agreements, current authorizing legislation and agreements, current labor agreements, relevant operating documents, and any other document or information relevant to the structure and operation of the Program to understand why the Program was originally created and how its purpose has evolved over time, including current and future operating needs and requirements.
  • Conducted an analysis of the Program’s current operating structure’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and challenges. Include an analysis of the structure’s ability to advance or limit racial equity.
  • Explored the dominant causes of the agency’s cultural practices and beliefs is intended to empower HWMP leadership and staff to develop actionable insights into how to continue to strengthen HWMP working environment
  • Provided a compare analysis of the Program’s structure with comparable regional agency designs.
  • Researched and examined emerging trends in organizational design to address issues and workforce needs for the next 20 years, including pros and cons given the relevant state and local laws and regulations and any operational issues associated with current operations (labor contracts, work plan commitments, or other known factors).
  • Drove monthly meetings with the Steering Committee to discuss findings, issues, alternatives, and near-term actions that could be taken to enhance the Program operations. Meeting agenda, notes, and recommendations incorporating Steering Committee comments.
  • Delivered a summary presentation of recommended organizational structural changes and business operational changes with timelines to the Steering Committee program for full implementation.
    • Developed New Org Structure to drive operational efficiency
    • Delivered recommended improvements that fell under five categories; 1) Reorganize, 2) Reset, 3) Span of Control, 4) Reallocation of Misallocated Resources, 5) Management Development
    • Developed KPIs (key Performance Indicators) to measure performance delivery and to ensure a continuous improvement culture at KC DNRP – HWMP
    • Developed strategies and tools for full implementation, alignment, & tracking and monitoring of outstanding issues and to ensure all improvements sticks.